Yes, It’s far more easier to recover the data on s/w failures. First of all, this case will not arise, but in case this happens, user can directly press the RESET button without opening the case. Once you reboot it after pressing RESET button, it will detect it as a pen drive in other computers and you can copy the data easily.

It produces least amount of heat for which fan is not needed. It’s a new innovative technology that consumes very less power and so very less heat. Moreover, the material used in Deskpod Box dissipates the heat efficiently. Therefore; there is no need for cooling fan in this set. Deskpod is designed with better passive cooling technology. It doesn’t come with Fan to make it 100% electronic. Fan is also a mechanical device.

Our company will announce the replacement/Exchange offers time to time where in we will buy the old Deskpod set and issue a new one with latest h/w in it with some extra cost. Deskpod is non upgradable because this is computer on single chip. You can’t put extra RAM or storage later.

No, not at all! In coming couple of years, CD drive will become obsolete. Flash based storage will take over all mechanical based storage. If user is too motivated to keep a CD drive, he can buy an external USB based DVD drive.

The company who are producing the desktop are pushing this product in the market. The future computing system will not have HDD as the flash based storage will become affordable. Do you still feel that floppy or CD drives are needed? People are not aware about it. We will make them aware about the Deskpod and such innovative computer.