One may be pondering ‘Why should we join this organization as Channel Partner?’ Well, how about we simply say Beauty never knew the Beast was a ruler with a reviled. We may not be ruler or lords but rather we have been overcoming. May it be the United State of America or Canada in the west and Shanghai or Singapore in the east Ambujex Technologies has its part to play. One can even say that it’s an organization where the sun never sets. No! Not fulfilled yet? Indeed, you will be the point at which you hear what it brings to the table.

Ambujex Technologies is as yet an organization that is developing in many fields. All long time programming focused organization has now broadened its branch towards equipment also and is doing at it as well. The innovative work is very novel in the ways that it manages amazingly propelled tech and furthermore that it has finished the essential research for the following 10 years. So breathe a sigh of relief accomplices, there will be no slacks from this organization. Being an organization that is keen on hearing its name on everybody’s lips, not in a decent but rather an incredible way, they love their accomplices. The help they need will all be given be it related to sales, marketing, market research and opportunity or technical. The accomplices will need to recognize what is going on in the organization its designs and developments.

c2-1-1-300x212 Join Tech Hood Ambujex as Deskpod Channel Partner

Being an accomplice will open a way to another world. The channel partner firm will be given all the extensive deals and special training. The Ambujex team will help the channel partner organization for the sales and the technical training and details of the Deskpod in depth. They will be following the Channel Partner’s routes in for deals and productivity with regards to bringing the deals to close arrangements, giving demos and introductions to the customer. Things like leaflets, brouchers and banners will be updated and provided consistently. Since we are a new organization in the market, we will be giving even the most ideal advertising, support and everything required by the organizations.

Taking promotion and advertising into the scene, both the on the web and offline showcasing is covered proficiently. In on the web, exercises going from articles, websites, e-mail, web-based social networking with comics to add the fun element is being done. When we talk about the offline marketing and promotion, print media in the best of news papers and magazines will be distributed. We had effectively participated in the IT presentation to feature the item to get all India scope. An article about the Deskpod’s participation in the Convergence India occasion 2017 was covered and distributed in the Daily Show Magazine.

Ambujex Technologies also has plans of propelling a variety of new IT products and new innovations in the Mini PC Deskpod and help our partners to grow with us, acknowledgments and trust additionally accompanies the bundle. At last but not the least, it is our Channel Partner’s prosperity that is organization’s prosperity.

By Snehal Sharma, Marketing Manager – Deskpod