Aren’t Desktop computers amazing to use because of the full size keyboard and full screen? There are many other benefits of using the desktop PC and hence most of the businesses prefer using desktop computers. But something which we don’t like is its full size CPU, right? It occupies most of our desk space and makes some strange noise at times. It consumes high electricity and data security is the issue during hardware failure. We have solution for all the problems you face with big box CPU.

deskpod-k6l-Z.69-300x210 Lookout the computing experience this Mini PC Deskpod can give you!!

Deskpod- Mini PC” is a smallest computer you would have ever seen. Its size is 2 inches X 2 inches only. It occupies very less space of your desk. In fact it occupies no space at all as it can be fixed behind your monitor screen. You use your work space efficiently with Deskpod Mini Computer.

Deskpod is not only the smallest computer but also the least power consuming device. The power saver Deskpod consumes only 5-10 watts of electricity. During power cut the normal CPU works for approx 25-30 mins whereas the mini PC Deskpod works for 2-3 hours. Thus your work is not hampered and it not only help you to play your role in saving the mother earth and saving electricity but also saves your money by cutting down the electricity bill giving you long term benefit.

Is data security a tension during hardware failure? It was never this easy to recover all your data safely without any technical support during hardware failure. Deskpod has a small ‘restart’ button. In time of hardware failure, you just need to turn on the restart button and Deskpod can be used as a normal USB device and you can save all you data easily.

Most of the computers even now have HDD based storage. Mini PC Deskpod is equipped with eMMC Flash based solid state storage instead of HDD storage. This makes the system faster and free flow of data is achieved when needed. It almost eliminates the chance of the system slowing down or lags. As EMMC Flash storage is an electronic based storage and doesn’t have any mechanical part, hence it doesn’t get damaged easily. Deskpod models are 2GB, 4 GB and 8GB RAM with eMMC Flash based storage.

Let’s talk about of the very common issues faced in computers – SMPS Failure and Fan Malfunction. Deskpod run on its own adaptor and hence SMPS Failure is out of question. As you now know that Deskpod consumes very less electricity i.e. 5-10 watts, there is no overheating problem and hence fan malfunction is not the problem anymore and your computer will not make that strange noise that irritates you. Say goodbye to SMPS Failure and Fan malfunction.

deskpod-k6l-Z.69-300x210 Lookout the computing experience this Mini PC Deskpod can give you!!

The mini computer Deskpod has all the latest ports and connection which are present in desktop CPU – that is 2 2.0 USB ports and 2 3.0 USB Ports, USB Type C, HDMI, VGA etc. It has Intel cherry trail processor and supports all the operating system i.e. Windows, Linux and Android.

It is quite apparent that using Deskpod has many long-term advantages and hence investing in Deskpod is the smart decision. So now do more and more of daily computing on your Deskpod which is energy smart, low cost, no noise device and smallest computer with many other advantages. You will have smooth and worry free computing life with mini PC Deskpod.