Problems – something that pop up every now and then and say us ‘Hello’. We face number of problems every day in our corporate and personal life. Solving a bad problem or a good problem needs equal time and energy and we continuously exercise to solve the problems but we cannot solve each and every problem. It is important to choose the right problem and understand it well to tackle and find the right solution.

Every business face problems, be it a big business or small.

I asked my mentor and our CEO, Mr. Ambuj Kumar, IIT Kharagpur alumni, “What is the common challenge a business has to tackle?”

His reply to this was: “The greatest growling engine of Change. Technology and economy is changing very fast and businesses have to adapt and even think of future and keep innovating. What works today may not work tomorrow.”

The businesses not only need to adapt to the rapid changes in technology and economy but also need to think a step ahead to be successful in this competitive world.

There many common challenges which businesses face are cash management, Regulation, Competition, Finding right talent etc. One problem I would like to discuss here, which each and every business faces, is Computing and its management. Every business uses computers and laptops for their daily operation. The cost of its maintenance and electricity bill is always high. The electricity consumption of desktop computer is about 200-250 watts and laptop is 150- 170 watts. SMPS failure, hardware failure, size and data security are the frequently faced issues.

prblm-com-300x300 Choose the Right problem to Solve

I was speaking to one business owner related to the basic computer issue they face.

Me: “Why do you still use desktop computers?”

Owner: “Desktop computers are still one of the best choices to use for business because it has full size keyboard and big screen, cost efficient, security, upgrading and repair is easier etc.”

Me: “What is the major issue you have to tackle in computing?”

Owner: “The common issues are maintenance cost, SMPS and Hardware failure, Fan malfunction and noise the PC makes at times and data security”

Me: “Then why don’t you try to solve the problem?”

Owner: “Well we don’t have many options and one has to face these issues in every computer.”

This discussion made it clear that there are some common issues which we face and should be solved but we are not focusing on the right problem or the right solution.

Let’s stop talking about the problems and start thinking about the solutions.

If you get a replacement for the CPU which solves all the common issues you face and you can use your PC smoothly and without such problem, will that not be great?

Deskpod mini PC – A replacement of the big box computer.  Mini PC Deskpod is a small size computer which will fit in your pocket and will use very less space of your work desk. You can even fix it at the backside of your monitor screen and use your work space efficiently. Deskpod consumes only 5-10 watts of electricity and thus not only help you to play your role in saving the mother earth and saving electricity but also saves your money by cutting down the electricity bill. As Deskpod works on very less electricity, it do not need fan and SMPS and it runs on its own adaptor. Hence it doesn’t make any strange noise and doesn’t face fan malfunction and SMPS Failure problems. Deskpod has a small ‘restart’ button. In time of hardware failure, you just need to turn on the restart button and Deskpod can be used as a normal USB device and you can save all you data easily. Deskpod mini PC doesn’t need much maintenance and hence your maintenance cost is also reduced. It solves all the problems that you face quiet often with your computers.

prblm-com-300x300 Choose the Right problem to Solve

Say ‘Hello’ to Deskpod

Deskpod is the answer for all your computing problems which you must solve today so that you can save cost and focus only on your core business operations. It is time to drop off your old CPU and switch to mini PC Deskpod. Now that you have the right solution, choose the right problem and solve it.


By Snehal Sharma