Every business and start-up attempt to bootstrap however much as could sensibly be normal. Along these lines, it is basic to use the monetary arrangement properly and hack down the pointless cost. Every business visionary should know the latest technology advancement and s/he always scans for something that will make their life fundamental.

We present to you the latest development, new period downsized PC Deskpod. This mini PC is a device which should be used as a piece of every business as it will clarify various little IT related issue that stands up to in regular daily existence, cleave down your expenses and empower you to keep up your business effortlessly. PC has changed and impelled a significant measure since the time it was devised. Deskpod is a mini PC that will fit in your grip.

3d-render-pic-1-300x262 Make your IT trouble free with Mini PC Deskpod

Here are 7 reasons why all associations should use mini PC Deskpod at their workplaces to make your IT trouble free and smooth:


We require everything adaptable and helpful then why not PC? Mini PC Deskpod is around 2 inches * 2 inches * 1 inch in size. You can stow it in the little pocket of your pack and use at whatever point and wherever you have to. It can in like manner be fixed behind the screen. It needs less space or no space and hence you can use your office space efficiently.

Power Consumption:

Deskpod mini PC uses only 5-10 watts units. You can now replace your computers, cut your energy costs and contribute in Go Green!! Generally, desktop CPU and laptops consume around 150 watts and along these lines using mini PC Deskpod will cut down your energy cost drastically. Moreover, in the midst of energy cut, you can use the mini-PC Deskpod on your normal UPS for 2-3 hours. Subsequently, your work is not ruined due to the power supply.


Mini PC Deskpod has the EMMC Flash storage. Solid state storage is always the choice over the hard drive storage as it quickens the execution and doesn’t get damaged easily as it doesn’t have any mechanical part.

No SMPS Failure:

SMPS Failure is very typical and common in computers and laptops. Desktop PC and laptop customers always face the issue of SMPS Failure, as a result of power supply change and therefore simultaneously augment the IT upkeep cost. Deskpod doesn’t have SMPS in it and exhausts less power and hence it doesn’t have SMPS Failure. You can keep up your business effortlessly without worrying about it.

Information Security and Data Recovery:

On OS or s/w failures, it’s extremely simple and easy to recover the data from Deskpod. It has a RESET button and on pressing this RESET button, you can interface Deskpod to some other PC, laptop or Deskpod and use it as a conventional Pen Drive and you can save the data easily. In this way, your data is ensured and secure and you needn’t trouble with any technician to recover your data.

All port, Bluetooth and Dual Antenna:

Mini PC Deskpod has all the required and the latest ports and it also underpins VGA and HDMI output. It has two 2.0 USB and two 3.0 USB port, Latest USB C-sort, Micro SD, inbuilt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with dual antenna, one on board and one external.

Bad sector storage:

As Deskpod consist of solid state electronic storage, there are unprecedented chances of bad sector storage or data loss on the power blackout and abhorrent shutdown. Deskpod mini PC is always the best choice for businesses because of its low maintenance requirement and hence low IT maintenance cost.

3d-render-pic-1-300x262 Make your IT trouble free with Mini PC Deskpod

Some important Deskpod features are:

  • Mini PC Deskpod is based on exceptionally formed SOC to decrease the size and power use.

  • Separate GPU with Intel Gen 8 12 to 16 core. Along these lines, helpful for gaming without extra wander on specific Graphic card

  • Supports Windows-10 OS, Linux or Android OS

  • Inside Intel Cherry Trail

Deskpod, the latest development in IT development, is a progressed, extremely littler than common PC and will make your business free from little stresses so you can concentrate on your middle business practices with no anxiety. Say “Hello there” to Deskpod. It’s 2017.